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Purpose of Voice

    To share your constructive ideas about anything in connection with the school; sports, programs, classes, schedule, policies or conduct of studentst, staff and volunteers.

    To let us know how Incline High School is (or is not) meeting your needs through: Academics, Instructional Delivery, Safety, Emotional Well Being, Nutrition, Transportation, etc.

    To share with us if you have been helped by a peer, teacher, coach or an administrator beyond expectation, or if some person’s gesture just made your day. These inputs can help us to recognize these individuals during our quarterly Awards ceremonies.

    To report: Bullying, Drug Use or Abuse, Theft, Mistreatment, or any other injustice

VOICE in inspiring people to build a supportive and strong community

VOICE was created to improve experience at IHS

VOICE is about responsibilities to your school community. Don’t be a silent witness, as a friends or a good citizen, we want you to share celebrations and voice concerns

How to Use Voice

    Use the forms provided in the IHS library

    Write your name (optional)

    List your concerns

    List your position in the school (student, parent, staff)

    Write only the facts or your feelings or judgments. Do NOT repeat anyone’s words as your own.

The completed form should be submitted in the VOICE suggestion box located in the IHS library.

Your name, if you disclose it is guaranteed to be completely confidential.

Thank you for your participation, honesty and good intentions.

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